Welp, here we are. The last page. I can’t thank you enough for reading my comic and contributing to my Kickstarter and just tweeting at me to tell me your thoughts. I really can’t express how much all y’all mean to me.ย Y’all are so great.

And I know some of you were hoping for answers, but: hahaha sorry. But don’t fret! I have ideas for more Scarred for Life stories! I have most of one story down and pieces of others I need to find places for. And some of those stories might include answers! Not THE answer, necessarily, but SOME answers. I still haven’t decided if I’m ever giving away THAT answer.

So there will maybe probably be a Vol. 2 in the future, but until then I’ve got some other stuff coming out! I’m contributing comics to two horror anthologies coming out later this year, and of course the big Organization of Ghost Hunters comic starts up soon. Chapter 1 is called The Ghost Dog and it’ll be way longer than anything I’ve done so far. I’m pretty psyched about it!

The tentative start date for OGH is September 1st, but you canย follow my twitter if you want to know if that changes.

OGH also has a tumblr. It’s mostly filled with various creepy posts now, but I’ll post sketches and stuff related to the comic there too.