Technically, I bought this domain a few years before I did anything with it, but 03/09/2012 was when I started posting comics here, so that’s the date I’m going to stick with. Happy Birthday to 52nd Door!

Mostly I just wanted to thank everyone who’s read the comics and enjoyed them. Making comics this past year sure has been fun and I plan to do it for quite a while longer, so hopefully y’all will stick with me.

I’ve got a lot more planned, both for the Scarred for Life crew, and for that other comic with ghosts that I keep hinting at. I’ll talk about it more SOON, I promise. So many plans!

As a thank you, here’s a super early lineup of the Scarred for Life cast, back when everyone was white, their boss was just Chief Vic from Psych, and I had plans to bring in Jackson’s sister. I like them better now.

ed group