I went to SPX on Saturday! It was awesome, as always. I never have anything bad to say about the show. I hung out with friends I hdn’t seen in a while, talked with creators I hadn’t seen since the last show, and bought a lot of stuff. I ate some great BBQ, attended the Ignatz awards, and just had a fantastic time all around.

So let’s get to the loot then, shall we?

A. Print by Kali Ciesemier. She’s fantastic. (Pardon the glare; they’re still in their protective sleeves.)

B. Print by Sam Bosma. Ugh he’s so good.

C. and D. Print and art book by Aaron Diaz. Hope my brother doesn’t see this because the print is for him. Hi Colin!

E. “Aftermath” Art book by Evan Dahm.

F. “Nixie Spit” A collection of short comics by Kory Bing.

G. “Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales” A collection of comics by lots of people.

H. “From Scratch” A comic by Kel McDonald and Jose Pimienta about demon gangsters.

I. Three mini comics by Catie Monster (one with special note blush).

J. Book of comics by Nedroid. No surprise that it’s great.

L. “Unkindness” A comic by Dakota McFadzean. I haven’t read it yet but there are birds.

M. “Wings for Wheels” A collection of comics by a few people, notably Jen Vaughn. The packaging is like a record sleeve and I love me some clever packaging.

N. “Punchclock Hero” A comic by Joe Hunter. Basically a drunk Power Ranger. It’s so great.

O. “Entropy (Parts 1-5)” Some short comics by Aaron Costain. I was about to buy 4 and then realized it was one of a series so I was like, “Yeah sure why not I’ll take the set.”

P. A book of creature illustrations by different people. I couldn’t say no to that.

Q. A book of Pokemon illustrations by different people. I couldn’t say no to that! (Now you know how to get me to buy something.)

R. A book of tiny illustrations by Sam Bosma (yes the same one that did the print).