Okay so here’s what’s going down on 52nd Door* for the foreseeable future.

I’m still plugging away on the last chapter of Scarred for Life. In the past, I’ve started posting the pages after I have a nice backlog built up, because I like posting twice a week but I can’t consistently complete two pages twice a week. That would mean that I’d start posting the pages for this chapter very soon, but I’m doing things a little different this time.

Not only am I finishing this chapter, but I’m finishing the book that many of you lovely people contributed to by way of the Kickstarter. Thanks again for that!

So I’ve got this chapter, plus putting the book together, and I want to have this chapter done before I start posting it, so I only have to focus on the book. There’s going to have to be a break in updates at some point (because I’m finally out of mini comics), so I’m doing the break now instead of later. Check back mid-late February, or follow me on twitter for updates because I never shut up about comics on there. I should be good to go by then.

Thanks for everyone who supports me and reads my comics! Y’all are the best!



*Did I ever explain the name of this site? It’s the name of a story that I’ll get around to turning into a comic in like five years maybe. It involves angels. And doors.